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Project Description
This project aims to facilitate the work of compilation in Visual Basic 6.0 software developers that still maintain this type of solutions.
RobotBuilds can works separately or in conjunction with MSBuilds.

We work at the moment developing with .NET languages and we have a lot of projects alive in Visual Basic 6, we use simultaneously enviroments of VB6 in Visual Studio 6 with client of TFS and VSTS2008 for VB.NET developing.

RobotBuilds help us to make compilation with MSBuilds because VB6 enviroment dont have enought posibilities for unatended compilations.

RobotBuilds is used for two months ago with sucessfully results. Permit compilation in specific order of Active X librarys that needed it.

We have a complete documentation in PDF file in Englisth and Spanish language.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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